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British RN Royal Navy WW2 HMS Orion Enlisted Naval Cap Tally
a cap tally of the former Leander-class light cruiser. One of the UKs most decorated WW2 ships. machine embroidered in fairly good overall condition. synthetic approx 31" total length. nb there was also a captured French submarine which for some reason held the same name but I doubt named tallys were used aboard it.

Code: 53947Price: 25.00 GBP

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British and Commonwealth Army WO2 Warrant Officers Rank Wristlet EIIR
a good condition leather vwristband with the post 1952 pattern rank badge for this senior NCO. badge is anodised aluminium and approx 2.3" by 1.75". Crown of Queen Elizabeth II at centre. the leatherwork is well marked up with date 1998..

Code: 53955Price: 15.00 GBP

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British Army Formation Sign WW2 South Eastern Command Flash
a circa WW2 machine embroidered formation sign for this home command.
on khaki patch approx 2.1" by 2.05" signs of age and a small edge chunk missing although it appears to have been made like that.

Code: 53946Price: 18.00 GBP

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WW2 Prisoner of War Trench Art Metal Cigarette Case POW Work
a trench art style cigarette case. approx 4.4" by 3.2" by 0.3". appears to be aluminium or alloy. probably from an aircraft wreck or similar. nicely done with POW on one side.

Code: 53952Price: 75.00 GBP

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British Royal Air Force 90 Signals Unit Recognition Patch on Camo RAF
a great item. modern pattern camouflage patch with this RAF distinctive unit emblem and union patch. camo on velcro approx 5.1" by 4.05" with attached patches.

Code: 53948Price: 14.00 GBP

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Case for Imperial German Prussian Order of the Crown Kronenorden 4th Class
a case only to a medal of this order of chivalry. I believe it to be the fourth class. not sure if the third class fitted in the same box. either way sold as is. a usefull item. well used and with signs of age, a bit of splitting and some spraining to the catch. still a rare item.

Code: 53951Price: 75.00 GBP

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British Army Royal Army Medical Corps 144 Parachute Field Ambulance Plaque
a veterans commemorative plaque for the 144 Parachute Field Ambulance unit RAMC. wood base approx 7.1" by 6.1". fairly good overall condition. Crown of Queen Elizabeth II at top.

Code: 53949Price: 12.00 GBP

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Vintage British Boy Scouts Scoutmaster Cap Badge
an old white metal, probably nickel scoutmaster badge. approx 1.25" diameter with plain coppery brass slider type fitting on the reverse.

Code: 53953Price: 15.00 GBP

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German Imperial Prussian Iron Cross 1914 Second Class Relic WW1
main body of a Great War pattern IC2. approx 1.75" diameter. iron core. spares or repairs.

Code: 53954Price: 20.00 GBP

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British Diocese of Norwich Gothic Cross C of E Readers Badge
an Ecclesiastical badge of office. Well made bronze or bronzed metal gothic cross with the emblem of the city. approx 2.5" by 2.3" plus suspension and ribbon. Most likely a Church of England readers badge or similar. in probably original carton although someone has inked Downton on it.

Code: 53950Price: 35.00 GBP

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